Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Now It's My Turn

I've sat idly by for a few years watching this blog phenomenon take off and consume countless hours and minds in an immense variety of topics. Having done so, I've developed a good idea of what I think a good blog should (and should not) be.

Now it's my turn.

Intially and indefinitely, I intend to use this blog to post the Bible lessons I have developed for our Tuesday-night group. I'm doing this primarily for three reasons:

1. It helps me clarify my thoughts about the topic and figure out what content to include in the study.

2. Right now, I sit down and write key verses / ideas out on a 3x5 note card - that's fine for the study (it keeps me from commentating excessively), but not good if I ever want to go back and use it again - this is a good way to archive my notes in greater, shall we say, verbosity. :)

3. Some material just doesn't work well for our group but would go well in a blog. I hope others read what I post and enjoy it. I'm not out to start fires or make waves - I have no intention of posting acidic or hostile blogs about anything. Personally, I think such blogging appears to be an immediate indicator that the author really is writing ignorantly about their subject for the sake of an emotional hutzpah. There's something to be said for venting, but it should be saved for private conversations with friends, in my opinion...

Perhaps some of the lessons will be helpful for others leading studies / doing devotionals. In any case, it's primarily a tool for me to maintain ordered and traceable thought patterns.

Incidentally, the last point explains the title - "Graff Paper". Hopefully, this will be a good way to keep my thoughts straight about what I teach.

Until my next post!


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Samurai Sam said...

Welcome to the fever swamp!

If you're going to use Blogger's commenting function, I would recommend putting on the word verify. Otherwise you'll get a bunch of spam comments.

Allow me to be the first to add you to their blogroll.